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🚀 Quick start

The quickest way to start learning with ATLAS Open Data.

Welcome to the ATLAS open data! You are currently in the quick start path, designed to help you start using the data as quickly as possible. In this path, we will focus on using notebooks.

Getting Started with Notebooks

We offer a wide selection of analyses in the form of notebooks in the 13 TeV Open Data Tutorials for Education. Within the analysis notebooks subsection, you can find various analyses from the Standard Model and beyond. We recommend starting with the Higgs to γγ analysis.

If you're unsure how to run the notebook, check out our guide on choosing your environment, particularly this subsection on using Binder. This analysis is explained in detail in the example analysis section.

For those interested in using C++, explore the Introductional Notebook to HEP Analysis in C++.

General Information

For general information about the LHC and the ATLAS experiment, we encourage you to check out the following sections:

Data for Education

If you are curious about open data for education and want to know how to access data beyond the proposed analyses, check out these sections:

Additional Tutorials

For more quick hands-on tutorials, explore the list of notebooks available to run without needing to set up an environment.