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ATLAS Open Data

High Energy Physics data for everyone, to inspire the physicists of the future

What happened to the old website?

We changed a bit the structure of the website and the location of resources; to know what's new follow the link below!

Why ATLAS Open Data?

The aim of ATLAS Open Data is to provide data and tools to high school, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as teachers and lecturers, to help educate them and exercise in physics analysis techniques used in experimental particle physics.

The collaboration shares the data gathered by the ATLAS detector committing to three fundamental principles:


Make the data and the tools openly available for everyone to use, without technology, region, or knowledge restrictions.


Transferable expertise

Along with particle physics analysis and ATLAS learning objectives, provide skills in programming, software and machine learning.


Different target audiences, with different backgrounds and skills must be able to use the data and tools for a wide range of learning objectives.


This website provides introductory material and detailed information for a wide audience about the ATLAS Open Datasets and their visualisation, the analysis frameworks and Jupyter notebooks, as well as the virtual machine usage instructions.