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Detailed information and resources for researchers

Welcome to the ATLAS open data! You are currently in the researcher toolkit, which gathers information that researchers might find useful.

Accessing the Data

To understand how to access the data and the naming convention of the files, visit the Accessing the Data section. The datasets are published in the PHYSLITE format, which you can learn more about in The PHYSLITE Data Format section.

Tutorials and Hands-On Guides

To get hands-on with the data, check out the PHYSLITE Tutorial. This tutorial will guide you through:

  • Reading PHYSLITE data
  • Performing simple analysis
  • Generating your own NTuple

Other turorials are found in the Tutorials tab, under Tutorials for Research

General Information

For a general overview of the data for research, refer to:

Citation Information

Information on how to cite the open data is available in the Citing ATLAS section.

Additional Resources

For more general information about the collaboration, data collection processes, Monte Carlo sample generation, and more, explore the following sections:

Advanced Software and Analysis Tools

For advanced software and analysis tools, refer to the ATLAS Analysis Software Tutorial. This tutorial is used by ATLAS collaboration members to learn the basics of ATLAS software and the latest physics analysis tools.

For this you will need to setup an enviroment. We offer Docker containers that can be used to follow the tutorial. Check Getting Started with Containers for Analysis