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Access Open Data from the ATLAS Experiment at CERN

The ATLAS data from 100 trillion proton collisions is now public! This marks the world’s first open release of 8 TeV data, gathered from the Large Hadron Collider in 2012.

ATLAS Open Data guides you through how to visualise the data, how to download and use the data, and even provides open-source software for you to make your own discoveries. Check the introductory video and get started now!

Note! ATLAS Open Data is primarily aimed at University students, postgraduate and external researchers. Please read more in Target section


In the Get Started section

  • Visualise the data in discovery-style graphs
  • Play with the physics variables in your browser
  • Become familiar with the characteristics of a High Energy Physics (HEP) analysis

Now go to the Web Analysis section

  • Are you ready for the latest tool in data analysis?
  • Use Jupyter technology and the power of ROOT to review, execute and develop your own analysis directly in your browser
  • Avoid local installations! Use notebooks in a Software as a Service model on your computer or in the cloud
Web Analysis
Data & Tools

You are ready for a real HEP analysis!

Head to the
Data & Tools section

  • Check and download our Python framework code, and start running one of the analysis examples
  • You don’t have ROOT with you? Use our Virtual Machines to run the analysis examples, even offline
  • Create your own analysis!

Join our Community hub

  • Become part of the conversation. Share your experiences and successes while connecting with fellow ATLAS Open Data users
  • Join or start a thread to ask for tips, suggest changes, report bugs...
  • Take a look at the FAQ!

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