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Terms of Use

The data is made available under the CC0 public domain dedication and is therefore not subject to usage restrictions. However, please note that the data and Monte Carlo presented are explicitly processed for educational uses. These data are not used for ATLAS analysis. They have been uniquely processed to reduce significantly the complexity of the data, and time for the processing, so that it can be used easily for educational uses.

Neither the authors of this website, its components and resources (datasets, apps and software), nor their employing institutes, nor the agencies providing financial support for this work make any representation or warranty, explicitly or implicitly, regarding this this website, its components and resources (datasets, apps and software) or assume any liability for its use.

You are free to use ATLAS imagery, video and audio material for educational, scientific, or informational purposes (including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits and Web pages) provided the copyright is shown as follows:

ATLAS Experiment © 2016 CERN

ATLAS images are under CERN copyright. If the ATLAS material is to be used for commercial purposes, it must not explicitly or implicitly convey CERN or ATLAS' endorsement.