Information hosted in this site

  • ATLAS experiment: learn about ATLAS: the largest multi-purpose particle detector located at CERN.

  • 13 TeV Open Datasets: find detailed information about the released 13 TeV proton-proton collision data and simulation samples.

  • Physics analysis examples: illustration of the examples of physics analysis inspired by and following procedures taken in papers published by the ATLAS Collaboration.

  • Analysis frameworks: discussion of the available analysis frameworks and plotting codes.

  • Online Jupyter notebooks: description of the data analysis to be performed directly in a web-browser by integrating the ROOT framework with Jupyter notebooks.

  • Virtual machine: description of the virtual machine, which contains all the information needed to carry out educational analysis of the released datasets.

  • Data visualisation: introduction to the 13 TeV Open Data visualisation using web-based online histograms.

  • Glossary: a glossary of a few ATLAS and high-energy physics terms.



This dataset is provided by the ATLAS Collaboration only for educational purposes and is not suited for scientific publications.

  • The ATLAS Open Data are released under the Creative Commons CC0 waiver.
  • Neither ATLAS nor CERN endorses any works produced using these data, which is intended only for educational use.
  • All data sets will have a unique DOI that you are requested to cite in any (non-scientific) applications or publications.
  • Despite being processed, the high-level primary datasets remain complex, and selection criteria need to be applied in order to analyse them, requiring some understanding of particle physics and detector functioning.
  • The large majority of the data cannot be viewed in simple data tables for spreadsheet-based analyses.