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Here we present two methods of online data visualisation. Both are easy to use, but still very powerful.

Histogram Analyser

A web based tool for fast, cut-based analysis of data. Visualise the ATLAS Open Data 2016 datasets using online histograms.

This tool shows how physicists differentiate between physics processes. The signatures of different physics processes can look very different from one another. By applying cuts to data, specific physics processes (signal) can be isolated from the background.

The webpage displays nine histograms of variables which can be used to isolate Higgs boson events.

Use your cursor to apply selections to a particular variable.
The effect on the other variables will be shown immediately.

The Histogram Analyser will help you understand the data and the relationship between the signal and background processes. It can simplify and speed-up the selection of cuts, before coding an analysis.

Analysis Browser

A web based tool for the more advanced user. ROOT browser lets you inspect the ATLAS Open Data 2016 datasets more thoroughly.
More variables are available for display with ROOTbrowser than Histogram Analyser.

You can inspect one or more datasets.
Distributions can be displayed for various variables of interest.
You can display the distributions and impose your own selections by using the cursor.

The ROOT browser can help you understand the data, before you begin writing analysis code.

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