ATLAS Open Data aims to deliver some web and desktop applications so that users can explore High Energy Physics (HEP) real and simulated data on their browser or computer. Explore a simulation of the ATLAS detector. Go more in-depth on the code: use the Jupyter notebooks examples to teach, run, modify and explore real analysis code without any complicated setup nor installation.


So, pick one below and let’s start! Ah, some of them also have videos to help you (and challenge you) to do better than the experts on finding the Higgs boson.


The ATLAS detector Histogram Analyser: Simulated Data only
13TeV 8TeV
A look inside & around the ATLAS detector Perform real HEP analysis with your mouse
Histogram Analyser: Real & Simulated Data Jupyter Notebooks
custom Jupyter
Perform real HEP analysis with your mouse Let’s run some real code on your browser

Note: Some of the apps were designed to work in a computer. So, they may not re-scale well in mobile devices. Please, use it in a desktop computer or laptop for a complete experience.

Electron Apps (soon to come)

Check this presentation on how this idea evolved.